Pilarix Cream

Cream for excessive keratinisation

PILARIX Cream is a modern preparation that effectively prevents excessive keratinisation of the skin. By increasing the hydration of the stratum corneum, the product accelerates skin regeneration process during different types of dermatosis, has an anti-inflammatory effect.

PILARIX Cream contains:

  • salicylic acid – facilitates separation of accumulated epidermis layers
  • urea – strongly moisturises, increases the elasticity of the stratum corneum
  • panthenol – has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effects in cases of irritation, whatever caused
  • allantoin –  accelerates the regeneration of diseased, irritated, biologically damaged skin
  • shea butter

PILARIX Cream indications:

  • Perifollicular keratinisation
  • Eczema in a phase of excessive skin exfoliation
  • Chronic skin dryness
  • as an raising agent for skin regeneration between periods of external steroid therapy
  • after mechanical depilation


  • Hypersensitivity to salicylic acid or other cream ingredients, pregnancy, lactation, age under 12 years, hepatic and renal insufficiency.
  • Do not use if bacterial, viral or fungal skin infections occur
  • Do not use on mucous membranes, urogenital areas, eyes and skin around eyes.

PILARIX Cream directions for use:

Apply 2 times a day or as directed by a doctor. In a case of skin irritation, immediately contact a doctor.

Available packaging:

PILARIX cream, tube 100 ml and 50 ml


Read the package leaflet before use or consult a physician or pharmacist..