Quality policy

We want our clients to use Lefrosch products with pleasure and satisfaction. We want to build cosmetic brands, recognised by the market and satisfying for our customers.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our main goal. We offer products of the best quality. Their effectiveness and safety of use are confirmed by tests conducted in certified testing units, while the production is carried out in accordance with the highest quality and hygienic standards.

We focus on cooperation, because only through a common effort we can achieve the goals we have set. In our everyday work, we use only safe and efficient technologies to effectively protect natural environment and make the most of our resources. We improve our activity in accordance with the applicable standards and requirements. We develop our products in an effective and safe for our customers way, working with dermatologists, doctors of aesthetic medicine, cosmetologists and pharmacists.

We are striving to achieve our goals through:

  • Analysing of the market and our customers’ requirements and creation of the products according to their expectations,
  • Implementing of modern and effective cosmetics,
  • Restrictive compliance with legal requirements related to our products and environmental aspects,
  • Combining of the economic interests with social and ecological needs,
  • Continuous setting new quality and environmental goals,
  • Determining challenges for our employees, that will develop both, the company and themselves, and providing them with tools to achieve the goals,
  • Constant concern for developing and cultivating good interpersonal relationships inside and outside the company,
  • Full involvement of all employees in the development of the company at every stage of its management.